My Thoughts on the Usefulness of Video for Social Media in My Workplace

video in class

I think that videos would be a great tool for my workplace. It would be useful to put together short videos that give jobs search tips, or comical Plotagon videos that help students see the right and wrong way to do things while job searching. We could post these videos on the student resources site and also use them in their job searching workshops.

In Shama Kabani’s book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Dave Kaminski of Web Video University ( mentions that every minute, over 40 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. That’s a phenomenal amount. I’ve often found myself video surfing without realizing that hours have passed by; especially if the content catches my interest. Our short, comical videos may help to keep certain topics interesting and may aide in getting our point across.

Videos are beneficial because they give the learner visual content they may not get otherwise. You can listen to the videos on your own time or you can listen to them in class to reinforce a certain topic.

Another way I would like to use a video is to tape an employer I work with regularly and either have them give tips or an informational interview. Since many of my employers are extremely busy and aren’t often able to visit us on site, a video may be something they could work into their schedule. They could even tape the video by themselves if they didn’t feel comfortable with anyone around, and then send it on to me afterwards.

Also, I would like to have a Co-op Corner that is based on the Speaker’s Corner that Toronto used to have. This could be set up within the school and students could video themselves and share what they want to share. I realize that this is a controversial idea, but it would be a place where students could voice their opinions, ask questions, give their thoughts, and be heard. The school, like City TV did, could go through the footage and pick the highlights to share. This is also a place for staff to learn what the current hot topics are, or areas that need to be addressed.

These are just a few ways that videos for social media could work in my workplace.   There are so many possibilities.

Videos Posted By My ADL310 Colleagues

I really enjoyed watching my colleagues’ videos. I find that I could just keep watching and watching and gathering so much interesting and useful information. Each video was unique and it was nice to see the personal touches that each ADL310 colleague added to their own video. Not only was information shared, but helpful solutions were given, we glimpsed gorgeous photography, fun crafting ideas, and the beauty of triumph from tragedy.

I especially enjoyed all the videos made by Sparkol VideoScribe and Plotagon. When Julie’s character gave an evil cackle in Plotagon, it was hilarious. I’m so excited to create a video from this program. I think I’ll make one of these for my seminar that I teach on celiac disease and living a gluten free life.

Julie’s Plotagon movie:

Bicycling tips from 310Heah:

The Blank Page by Julie Smith-Allen

Sheri Tarrington’s conversation with her six-year old:

Treating Family Like It Matters by Sherry:

Jill’s wedding tips make me want to go out and plan an event that I can craft for, but I’ll definitely have to wait for this course to be over before that happens.

If only I could spend a day sampling some of Christine’s music at Nocturntable:

Kathy’s gorgeous photography show-and-tell:

Michelle’s lessons from nature and finding the silver lining from within tragedy:

Tara’s fun videos on sewing:

The videos are a really nice way to share and interact with each other when we can’t be in a classroom together. Well done to all my colleagues!

My Thought on Creating and Posting a Video


I found that creating a video was much easier for me than creating a podcast. That’s most likely because I received a camcorder for my birthday and have used it many times before taking this course. I began creating my video using my Samsung camcorder on a tripod. I made sure to set up all the materials that I needed first and then did a rehearsal run through to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. The most difficult part of creating the video for me was the actual recording of it. I worked hard to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes so I didn’t have to film it again or spend a lot of time editing it. My first video took about four takes before I had a video that I could live with and make edits to.

After filming the video, I saved it to my computer in a MP4 format. I then opened it into Windows Movie Maker and spent some time editing out parts that I didn’t want to include and adding in a caption and some sound edits. Once complete the edits, I was able to upload it to Podomatic.

Posting the video was almost the same as posting my podcast and it was very simple to do. It was fun to make this one, and I’m glad to have had this experience. I don’t think I’ll continue with making videos right now. It was very time consuming to get a product that was one I felt comfortable to post, but I’m sure that it would get easier with time. This activity really gave me a new respect for those who create regular videos. Even though it doesn’t fit into my life right now, I’ll always have this in my back pocket to pull out if I decide to make videos in the future.

Three Videos I Watched


I watched three videos; two relating to gluten free vegan cooking and the last one about job search tips. The first video I watched is on at the following link:

At this link the hosts of the show, Brock and Marta, invited Victoria Yeh, author of the gluten free cookbook “Where do I Start?” to their online show and she shared her recipe for gluten free vegan waffles. I tested these waffles the next morning and they are awesome! Thanks to Victoria Yeh for sharing this recipe and to the hosts for having her on their show. This video fits very well with my blog because I also strive to help others live healthy happy lives.

The next video I watched was by Shannon Sullivan and in one of the videos I watched she talks about her favourite healthy snack. This video is at the following link:

I like her videos and think they are effective for my blog because not only does she eat gluten free vegan, but I also like listening to some of the different products she uses, and other tips she has.

The last video I watched was at Snagajob at the following link:

This video gives 5 interview tips to help you prepare for an interview and is the first in a series to help you prepare for interviews.

This type of video would work very well at my work and is a fun way to get job search tips across; especially with the included blooper reel at the end of each video. I think something like this would go over well at my work because it would be a great resource for students.

You Want Me To Do What? (My Thoughts on Podcasting)


Podcast? Really? I have to do it? Ughhh…….
Ok. Deep breath. Here I go…

If you read my reflections on blogging, you’ll recall that I described my experience with blogging as that gentle shove off the diving board that I think I needed. In comparison, I feel that podcasts for me are what I imagine is that forceful push out of an airplane from thousands of feet up, and I don’t want to jump.

Having to do a podcast or video makes me feel like the child who’s been called upon by her teacher to answer a question or talk about a subject that she didn’t put her hand up for. I’m not ready to answer and I don’t want to be centred out.

Cliff J. Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man, is very passionate about podcasting and gives many reasons why you should create a podcast. After listening to some of his podcasts, I still have some doubts, but I think I will give it a try. I’ll never know how I really feel about it unless I try.

In the first episode of The Audacity to Podcast, Daniel J. Lewis discusses the importance of having passion when you podcast. I am knowledgeable and passionate about gluten free living and having a healthier lifestyle because it’s something I’ve had in my life for a long time, so I’ve decided to talk about this in my podcasts.

Before actually recording my podcast, the majority of my time was spent researching. I spent hours and days researching how to record, how to upload, how to add music, how to do ‘this’, and how to do ‘that’. Once I sat down to record, I pulled out my handy dandy microphone and realized that I didn’t have an outlet for a microphone on my laptop, so I made a quick dash to the store to purchase a new microphone that was USB compatible. I had no idea that this was something I had to consider, so my advice to anyone starting a podcast is to make sure that you have the right type of microphone for your computer.

After recording, and re-cording my podcast, I finally ended with something that I was willing to accept. I definitely found the second time to be much easier. Having a basic outline to follow while I was talking also really helped me to keep on track. Otherwise, I found that it was easy to start babbling in several unrelated directions. It was a huge learning experience to complete my first podcast, but once it was done and uploaded, the second one was so much easier.

Now that my podcasts are complete, there’s a chance that I may have actually enjoyed making them. I secretly play air guitar when my podcast music starts (not a secret any more), and I’m ready to pull out my Johnny Fever glasses. I’m also getting the urge to yell into the microphone “Goooooood Morning U. of Calgary Classmates.” For now, I’ll keep that for when I’m not recording.

My Podcasts


In keeping with the theme of Celiac Awareness Month, I decided to do my podcasts on celiac disease.

Podcast 1 – Celiac Disease

My first podcast can be found at the following link:

The notes for this podcast can be found in my blog post titles May is Celiac Awareness Month.

Podcast 2 – Celiac Awareness

My second podcast is located at the following link:

In this podcast, I go over a few of the events and contests happening around Celiac Awareness Month.

May 30 – June 1/14
Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) National Conference and Gluten Free Market in Calgary, AB

June 14, 2014
Canada’s Gluten Free Market in Mississauga, ON


On Twitter

Tweet from May 6 – enter to win $10 online gift cards

Tweet from May 5 – celiac photo contest from May 15-22/14
Visit our Canadian Celiac Association Website at


Gluten free giveaways for the month of May
Contest to create with Udi’s food for chance to win $3000 – now until May 21, 2014
Search 2014 toolkit for a great resource
Search gluten free meal plan and take the 7 day gluten free challenge

There are many ways you can contribute to Celiac Awareness Month. Contact your local celiac association to discover what events are happening in your area, or make a donation to your local chapter.

Also, dropping off gluten free food to your local food bank will help an individual with celiac disease who is in need of food that won’t harm them.

Helping to spread the word will make life a bit more enjoyable and manageable for those with celiac disease.

Two Podcasts of Interest – Journeys of Wellness and More Heart

Since I’m interested in the topics of gluten free, health, and wellness, I searched for these on PodOmatic when looking for podcasts to follow. I was surprised at the lack of podcasts under these topics and really thought there would be much more to choose from.

One podcast that I found to be effective for my blog and for my way of life is called Whole Soul Modern Girl. I like this podcast because it’s about food, yoga, natural products, the importance of self-love, and de-stressing. These are all things I need to spend more time incorporating into my life. I love yoga and other than the meditations we do in yoga, I’ve never really focused on meditations, so I look forward to hearing more from this podcast.

Another podcast that I listened to is called Jody Morgan – Living Life Well. Jody talks about her journey to living a better life that started when one of her twin daughters was diagnosed with celiac disease. I really like hearing about the experiences others have with their wellness journeys and I like to hear their views and different opinions.

I would really have loved to find more on gluten free, dairy free, and egg free food, as food is what it’s all about for me. I love creating recipes, learning about new recipes, and eating food. If I do decide to keep my podcast going – and I stress ‘IF’ – I think it would be a great one to start because there’s not much representation in this topic area.

I’m sure there are many more places to find podcasts that I haven’t yet discovered, and now that I’ve been introduced to podcasts, I’ll make sure to search for more to follow.

Thoughts on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for Meeting Personal, Professional, and Business Goals


Different social media sites can be used to achieve different goals, but a common theme between them is the ACT Methodology discussed by Shama Kabani in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing (2013). Kabani (2013) discusses having a great brand, outcome, and differentiator (BOD) to attract people to your site, convert strangers to consumers or customers, and transform past successes with customers into tools that attract others to the site (p. 4-6).

All three social media sites have the capability of attracting, converting, and transforming strangers to customers or consumers, but the success of the site really depends on how the owner of the site chooses to use it. If the owner of the site never posts new information and updates or doesn’t interact in a way that represents their brand, they will never be able to attract people to their site in the first place, or they will lose any consumers they have.

Facebook is a great personal tool for me to keep in contact with friends who I don’t get to see often. I like being able to send a message at any time of day and night while not having to worry about whether I’m going to wake a friend like a phone call might. I also like being able to check my friends’ status, new pictures, recipes, and catch up with what’s going on in a matter of minutes. If I was using Facebook to help with my business, I would make sure to create a separate account.

LinkedIn acts as a digital Rolodex for meeting my business goals. I use it to collect contacts and network with individuals who may be interested in hiring or have hired our students in the past. Following companies or groups is helpful because you can follow discussions that are related to your line of work. I wish it was more visually pleasing to use, but it gets the job done.

Google+ has the capabilities of being used for both personal and professional use at the same time. To keep things simple, I would chose to use it for one or the other, but not both. I like that you can group people into categories to separate your interactions with them. You could have a circle of people who’ve subscribed to receive certain notices from your business and you could have a separate group of people who want to view your site, but don’t want to receive e-mails.

To make sure you’re meeting both your personal and professional goals, I think that you really have to know what you want to achieve and then getting there is that much easier.