Quest For Clean

Thanks to the encouragement of my friends and family, and some recent and not-so-recent dietary discoveries, I’ve decided to write this blog.

This blog is dedicated to my quest for clean — clean eating, clean thinking, and clean living. If I can help some of you with your quests along the way, I’m extremely happy to do so.

My journey began in 2000 when my love of food began to diminish along with my health. It started gradually, with an intensely itchy rash on my neck, arms, and back after eating, and then over time turned to bloating, gas, and severe stabbing pains in my stomach. I ate only to feed my hunger, but dreaded every bit of food I put in my mouth.

I tried elimination diets, and cleanses, but nothing seemed to completely help. Finally, in 2001, with the help of a Naturopath and Gastroenterologist, we discovered that I have celiac disease. With the complete elimination of gluten from my diet, all the major outward troubles I’d been having for what seemed like an endless time, disappeared within a week.

The first year of my diagnosis was the most challenging. I went through major food withdrawal and mourned the loss of my beloved food. I felt centred out at gatherings, and spent much of my time trying to defend my diagnosis, like I had to prove to others that it was the truth. Thankfully, my loving husband gave me a shoulder to cry on and supported me all the way — even to the point of accepting my gluten free way of cooking for his own.

Thinking that I had my eating regime under control, I continued on my merry way until recently. This past year, I noticed that my ears were plugged, and I wasn’t able to hear properly. It got to the point where I was lip-reading to understand what people were saying to me. I tried going on cleanses and really focused on eating healthy, but nothing helped. Again, I decided this was a job for a Naturopath. The Naturopath told me that my ears were full of fluid, most likely due to more food allergies. After a thorough blood test, I discovered I could no longer eat eggs and dairy. I removed these foods from my diet, spent two days wallowing over the loss of more of my food choices, then quickly moved on. Again, within a week, my symptoms disappeared and my ears were clear of fluid. I could hear everything. I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been since my hearing is back in full force.

I’ve decided that the focus of my blog will be on striving to eat clean, think clean, and live clean. To me, this means the following:

Eat Clean

I will try to eliminate a lot of processed foods from my diet and eat more natural and homemade foods. I’ve always had a great interest in what I’m eating and what I should be eating. It doesn’t mean I won’t eat treats, it just means that 80% of the time I will try to eat healthy, and give myself the other 20% to enjoy.

Think Clean

I try my best to always have a positive attitude. Negativity can spread like poison, and it’s very easy to get caught up in. There are so many more stressors in society today than there were even 30 years ago.  I’m a strong believer that positive thinking and a positive attitude will attract positive things. I think some people need to re-program the way they think. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but with practice and persistence it’s possible. I also find that exercise helps me with clean thinking. What a great way to work out your troubles. Along with this, sleep seems to solve many problems. It’s amazing how clear things will be after a good rest.

Live Clean

For me, living clean actually encompasses eating and thinking clean. It’s your whole attitude of life. How you treat others, how you treat the world, and how you treat yourself. I will do my best to be a positive member of society and to be the best person I can be, not only for me, but for my family. Keeping my three R’s in mind (reduce, reuse, and recycle), using a lot of patience, and persistence, I’m constantly striving to live clean.

Am I perfect at eating, thinking, and living clean? I’m far from it, but I’m working toward these things every day. The newest challenge, for the next little while, is discovering how to maneuver my way around this new world of cooking and eating and still have food that tastes good. I thank those who’ve encouraged me along the way, and those who are here for me every day.

Let the quest begin.