My Thoughts on the Usefulness of Video for Social Media in My Workplace

video in class

I think that videos would be a great tool for my workplace. It would be useful to put together short videos that give jobs search tips, or comical Plotagon videos that help students see the right and wrong way to do things while job searching. We could post these videos on the student resources site and also use them in their job searching workshops.

In Shama Kabani’s book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Dave Kaminski of Web Video University ( mentions that every minute, over 40 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. That’s a phenomenal amount. I’ve often found myself video surfing without realizing that hours have passed by; especially if the content catches my interest. Our short, comical videos may help to keep certain topics interesting and may aide in getting our point across.

Videos are beneficial because they give the learner visual content they may not get otherwise. You can listen to the videos on your own time or you can listen to them in class to reinforce a certain topic.

Another way I would like to use a video is to tape an employer I work with regularly and either have them give tips or an informational interview. Since many of my employers are extremely busy and aren’t often able to visit us on site, a video may be something they could work into their schedule. They could even tape the video by themselves if they didn’t feel comfortable with anyone around, and then send it on to me afterwards.

Also, I would like to have a Co-op Corner that is based on the Speaker’s Corner that Toronto used to have. This could be set up within the school and students could video themselves and share what they want to share. I realize that this is a controversial idea, but it would be a place where students could voice their opinions, ask questions, give their thoughts, and be heard. The school, like City TV did, could go through the footage and pick the highlights to share. This is also a place for staff to learn what the current hot topics are, or areas that need to be addressed.

These are just a few ways that videos for social media could work in my workplace.   There are so many possibilities.


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