Videos Posted By My ADL310 Colleagues

I really enjoyed watching my colleagues’ videos. I find that I could just keep watching and watching and gathering so much interesting and useful information. Each video was unique and it was nice to see the personal touches that each ADL310 colleague added to their own video. Not only was information shared, but helpful solutions were given, we glimpsed gorgeous photography, fun crafting ideas, and the beauty of triumph from tragedy.

I especially enjoyed all the videos made by Sparkol VideoScribe and Plotagon. When Julie’s character gave an evil cackle in Plotagon, it was hilarious. I’m so excited to create a video from this program. I think I’ll make one of these for my seminar that I teach on celiac disease and living a gluten free life.

Julie’s Plotagon movie:

Bicycling tips from 310Heah:

The Blank Page by Julie Smith-Allen

Sheri Tarrington’s conversation with her six-year old:

Treating Family Like It Matters by Sherry:

Jill’s wedding tips make me want to go out and plan an event that I can craft for, but I’ll definitely have to wait for this course to be over before that happens.

If only I could spend a day sampling some of Christine’s music at Nocturntable:

Kathy’s gorgeous photography show-and-tell:

Michelle’s lessons from nature and finding the silver lining from within tragedy:

Tara’s fun videos on sewing:

The videos are a really nice way to share and interact with each other when we can’t be in a classroom together. Well done to all my colleagues!


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