Three Videos I Watched


I watched three videos; two relating to gluten free vegan cooking and the last one about job search tips. The first video I watched is on at the following link:

At this link the hosts of the show, Brock and Marta, invited Victoria Yeh, author of the gluten free cookbook “Where do I Start?” to their online show and she shared her recipe for gluten free vegan waffles. I tested these waffles the next morning and they are awesome! Thanks to Victoria Yeh for sharing this recipe and to the hosts for having her on their show. This video fits very well with my blog because I also strive to help others live healthy happy lives.

The next video I watched was by Shannon Sullivan and in one of the videos I watched she talks about her favourite healthy snack. This video is at the following link:

I like her videos and think they are effective for my blog because not only does she eat gluten free vegan, but I also like listening to some of the different products she uses, and other tips she has.

The last video I watched was at Snagajob at the following link:

This video gives 5 interview tips to help you prepare for an interview and is the first in a series to help you prepare for interviews.

This type of video would work very well at my work and is a fun way to get job search tips across; especially with the included blooper reel at the end of each video. I think something like this would go over well at my work because it would be a great resource for students.


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