My Thought on Creating and Posting a Video


I found that creating a video was much easier for me than creating a podcast. That’s most likely because I received a camcorder for my birthday and have used it many times before taking this course. I began creating my video using my Samsung camcorder on a tripod. I made sure to set up all the materials that I needed first and then did a rehearsal run through to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. The most difficult part of creating the video for me was the actual recording of it. I worked hard to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes so I didn’t have to film it again or spend a lot of time editing it. My first video took about four takes before I had a video that I could live with and make edits to.

After filming the video, I saved it to my computer in a MP4 format. I then opened it into Windows Movie Maker and spent some time editing out parts that I didn’t want to include and adding in a caption and some sound edits. Once complete the edits, I was able to upload it to Podomatic.

Posting the video was almost the same as posting my podcast and it was very simple to do. It was fun to make this one, and I’m glad to have had this experience. I don’t think I’ll continue with making videos right now. It was very time consuming to get a product that was one I felt comfortable to post, but I’m sure that it would get easier with time. This activity really gave me a new respect for those who create regular videos. Even though it doesn’t fit into my life right now, I’ll always have this in my back pocket to pull out if I decide to make videos in the future.


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