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In keeping with the theme of Celiac Awareness Month, I decided to do my podcasts on celiac disease.

Podcast 1 – Celiac Disease

My first podcast can be found at the following link:

The notes for this podcast can be found in my blog post titles May is Celiac Awareness Month.

Podcast 2 – Celiac Awareness

My second podcast is located at the following link:

In this podcast, I go over a few of the events and contests happening around Celiac Awareness Month.

May 30 – June 1/14
Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) National Conference and Gluten Free Market in Calgary, AB

June 14, 2014
Canada’s Gluten Free Market in Mississauga, ON


On Twitter

Tweet from May 6 – enter to win $10 online gift cards

Tweet from May 5 – celiac photo contest from May 15-22/14
Visit our Canadian Celiac Association Website at


Gluten free giveaways for the month of May
Contest to create with Udi’s food for chance to win $3000 – now until May 21, 2014
Search 2014 toolkit for a great resource
Search gluten free meal plan and take the 7 day gluten free challenge

There are many ways you can contribute to Celiac Awareness Month. Contact your local celiac association to discover what events are happening in your area, or make a donation to your local chapter.

Also, dropping off gluten free food to your local food bank will help an individual with celiac disease who is in need of food that won’t harm them.

Helping to spread the word will make life a bit more enjoyable and manageable for those with celiac disease.


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    For my gluten free followers: some good information for celiac awareness month and information regarding contests and giveaways can be found on superceliac’s blog post and accompanying podcasts.

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