Two Podcasts of Interest – Journeys of Wellness and More Heart

Since I’m interested in the topics of gluten free, health, and wellness, I searched for these on PodOmatic when looking for podcasts to follow. I was surprised at the lack of podcasts under these topics and really thought there would be much more to choose from.

One podcast that I found to be effective for my blog and for my way of life is called Whole Soul Modern Girl. I like this podcast because it’s about food, yoga, natural products, the importance of self-love, and de-stressing. These are all things I need to spend more time incorporating into my life. I love yoga and other than the meditations we do in yoga, I’ve never really focused on meditations, so I look forward to hearing more from this podcast.

Another podcast that I listened to is called Jody Morgan – Living Life Well. Jody talks about her journey to living a better life that started when one of her twin daughters was diagnosed with celiac disease. I really like hearing about the experiences others have with their wellness journeys and I like to hear their views and different opinions.

I would really have loved to find more on gluten free, dairy free, and egg free food, as food is what it’s all about for me. I love creating recipes, learning about new recipes, and eating food. If I do decide to keep my podcast going – and I stress ‘IF’ – I think it would be a great one to start because there’s not much representation in this topic area.

I’m sure there are many more places to find podcasts that I haven’t yet discovered, and now that I’ve been introduced to podcasts, I’ll make sure to search for more to follow.


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