How Effective Blogs Might Be For My Professional Area

Before looking at how effective this blog might be, I first have to look at what exactly it is that my blog is trying to be effective at – the goals of my blog. The goals of my blog are

  • to provide awareness to others, and perhaps solutions to challenges
  • to help others cope with food intolerance by giving them insights
  • to be a resource and provide tips, tricks, and recipes
  • to inspire people and make them smile  🙂

I think that my blog will be effective at reaching these goals as long as I work on making it effective. In our course text, The Zen of Social Media Marketing (2013), by Shama Kabani, Shama mentions several tips for creating an optimal blog (p.27), including updating it regularly. If I make sure my content is relevant and fresh it will help to keep my readers interested.

Not only is a blog a good way to share information, but it’s a great way to get feedback from my readers. This will help me to provide my followers with information they want to read.


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