My Thoughts On Blogginng

Little Blogger

The first thing I have to do before anything else is to apologize to those who started following me early and received any blank or one-word notifications of posts. Needless to say, the setting up of my blog was a bit painful in the beginning, but after countless readings and numerous YouTube videos, I think I’ve got it figured out and now I’m ready to go.

Also, for those following who are not in my ADL 310 class, for the next month and a half there will be social media posts mixed in with my posts on celiac disease that are categorized as ‘Essential Posts – ADL 310’ or ‘Optional Posts – ADL 310’. These posts are for my course on social media and will give you a sample of my experiences and thoughts on what I’m learning.

I’ve been thinking about setting up my blog for a couple of years now but have always been a bit hesitant to take this huge plunge into the world of social media. I am fortunate to have wonderful and supportive family and friends who’ve inspired me to do this as well. This course, ADL 310 – Social Media and More, gave me that gentle shove off the diving board that I think I needed.

Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, this course has provided me with an abundance of information and a network of individuals to surround myself with, learn from, and to grow with. Who knew that one could gain so much in such a short time.

After the initial challenges of finding an available name, and setting up my site, the most difficult part for me is to actually put pictures with my posts. As you can see from my home page, I’ve decided to try to get over that relatively quickly. I’ve decided to dive in, get wet, and have fun. Ready or not world, here I am.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Blogginng

  1. Finding an available name was more tricky than I expected: it felt like a barrier to joining the social media club. My sympathies to late joiners, because they have to be even more creative than we were!

  2. Love the picture – it’s great. The pic on your banner is pretty super too. Love the light touch.

    So ADL310 gave you a ‘gentle push off the diving board’ – love that too. Somehow a push off the diving board doesn’t seem that gentle to me. But I totally get your idea that sometimes we need a ‘legitimate reason’ to get launched.

    Glad to hear that the course has been useful so far.

  3. I have truly enjoyed reading this and will continue to follow you. Congratulations on taking the plunge! So many will benefit from your experiences.

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