Evaluation of Two Blogs in My Professional Area of Expertise (and One More That I Love)

Here's one of my favourite blogs.

Here’s one of my favourite blogs.

One of my favourite blogs to receive posts from is Organic Works Bakery at organicworksbakery.com/blog/. Organic Works is a gluten free vegan bakery in London, Ontario. Every week, I receive twitter updates from the bakery to let me know what’s on the menu for the week which gives me inspiring food ideas. I also receive notices about any events going on. These are my favourite notices, since this is one of the very few places I can go to enjoy a meal without any worry about cross contamination with foods I can’t have.

To fully appreciate their blog, I think it’s important to visit the business in person. I am always filled with an overwhelming sense of awe when entering the front doors. Not only do they make baked goods, but there is also a café with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. This is definitely my wonderland of places to eat.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the blog titled Lexie’s Kitchen at http://lexieskitchen.com/. I will definitely be adding this to my list of blogs to check out on a regular basis. The author of this blog takes you on the journey of healing her youngest son and along the way provides you with resources and a mountain of recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. Need I say more? I love this blog.

My sister introduced me to a blog written by one of her friends, and I wanted to mention it because I love reading it. You can find the blog at www.lizzymcfly.com. Elizabeth Murphy created this blog that gives you a look into her daily life with Multiple Sclerosis. Elizabeth is also a pilot and takes to the sky to promote awareness of the disease. Although it is not in my area of expertise, Elizabeth’s fun-loving nature and positive outlook on life inspire me to be a better person. I think we could all benefit from having this attitude.


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